Giveaway Policy

Sweeping Me offers several giveaways to our readers. Some are provided by ourselves, authors, publishers, company’s or from other media outlets. These are the rules and are subject to change at anytime. Please read this carefully and if you have any problems or questions please use the CONTACT ME tab at the top of the page or email me at:

mary _ reiss @ hotmail . com

1. All giveaways are open to age 13+ unless otherwise stated.

2. PO Boxes are fine unless stated otherwise or your not able to receive the prize via PO BOX.

3. We – nor our sponsors are not responsible for items lost or stolen in the mail.

4. Winners are chosen by Rafflecopter or

5. Winner is contacted via email and only has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be picked or the prize forfeited.

6. All giveaways are open WW unless stated otherwise.

7. We don’t save any personal information.

8. Winnings can take any where from 4-8 weeks before you receive them.

9. Neither Sweeping Me nor it’s sponsors are NOT responsible for you not receiving emails.

10. By entering in any giveaway on Sweeping Me you agree that the contest can be TERMINATED at ANY time for ANY reason.

11. Sweeping Me holds the right to change the giveaway date or update anything on a giveaway on the site as we see fit.

12. Sweeping Me holds the right to DISQUALIFY any entry we see fit.

13. NO prize will ever be transferable to another person – asking is immediate grounds for disqualification.

14. If a giveaway has more then one prize and only one is for international/WW then the first to respond is the winner.

15. All giveaways will state who can enter – i.e. – WW/International, US, CAN etc.

16. All giveaways will have an end date. After the end date no more entries will be excepted into the giveaway.

17. Sweeping Me announces the winner through a And the Winners are… post here on the site.

18. You can click on the Winners Tab at the top of the page to find all the winners on this site.

This policy is in affect immediately.

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