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April Fool’s

Have you ever woken up sure you were a character in a book…but what if you already are a character in a book….

I had a feeling something about my best friend Trinity was off. It all started with cinnamon buns. My mother gave me a package on the way out the door, steaming hot from the oven, and told me to make sure Trinity got some.
During the long car-ride to school, it was just me and those delicious cinnamon wonders, filling the interior with their torturously decadent aroma. I found Trinity in the cafeteria.
Something looked…unfamiliar about my friend. Something felt off.
“Hey, Trin.” I sat down and narrowed my eyes across the table at her. “Something looks…different. Did you tweeze your own eyebrows? Why would you do that when I gave you coupons to the salon.”
She looked at me and her eyes were the color of gold. “I did not tweeze my own eyebrows. There’s a bigger problem I have to talk to you about. What is that smell?”
“Cinnamon buns. You want one?”

Her eyes widened with slow, sure panic. “No. No I don’t! I don’t! Why?” She stared at me with a frantic light in her eyes.
“I have no clue. You’re not hungry? I like those contacts.” I nodded my approval. “Wait, it isn’t your eyebrows. It’s your foundation.” I sighed. “Trinity, how many times do I have to tell you that you can’t use makeup past its expiration date? Even if it seems fine, it’s not. And middle school wasn’t exactly a stellar time in your makeup life.”
“What are you talking about? Ruth, I have something to tell you. About my soul. About my existence…” She clutched her hand to her chest and looked at me with wide eyes.
Trinity was definitely getting more melodramatic the longer I knew her. “Yes, I get the tragedy of any foundation that uses glitter. Any kind of glitter. And don’t get duped over the whole ‘body-glitter’ thing. I don’t care what the label says. I mean, if you believed everything you read on a box you’d think you could wax your bikini line at home or perm your hair in your bathroom or dye your hair blonde. I worry about you, Trin. I worry about your inability to respect cosmetics.” I reached across the table and took her hand. “You are freezing! Why does the school insist on keeping it like a meat locker in here?”
“Ruth!” Trinity slammed her hands down and there were two dents in the table.
“Holy craphole of a school. If we have to come back this summer because they shut down over another termite infestation, I’m going to freak out!” I leaned over to inspect the damage.
“I’m a vampire!” Trinity shouted.
Everyone from the lunch ladies with their secured hair nets to the freshmen doing cheers at the corner table turned to look.
“I’m a vampire,” she repeated, her voice lower.
“Oh. Huh.” I leaned back and studied her. She did look pale. And cold. But a vampire? “Wait a minute.” I got up and crossed the cafeteria, bought an apple, and dropped it on the table. “Hacky sack this apple.”
“What?!” Trinity pressed her eyebrows low on her forehead and looked at the apple like it was hairball I choked up. She definitely tweezed her own eyebrows. I could not believe she ignored my no self tweezing rule.
“Take this apple, drop it, and kick it around.”
“What will that prove?” she wailed.
“That you’re a vamp.” I crossed my arms over my chest.
Trinity picked up the apple and dropped it uncertainly on her foot. She kicked it like an uncoordinated seal batting at a beach ball, and I finally stopped her when the apple had become applesauce and the rest of the scene had just become painful.
“This isn’t working. Wait.” I got up and marched to woodshop, where Aidan Achilles, resident hottie of Trin’s heart was stationed. “Trin thinks she’s a vampire. I need you to test the theory.”
Aidan looked out from sawdust covered goggles and pursed his lips thoughtfully. “So, you want to see if she’ll suck my blood?”
I couldn’t even believe he just asked that. “Are you insane? I want to see if the smell of you intoxicates her like you’re her own personal drug.”
“Isn’t this a bad idea. You know, since Trin just went through rehab and all.” Aidan tried to give me a look that was supposed to shame me, I assume, but it didn’t work at all.
I marched him up to Trin, who really did look glittery even in the low neon lights. “Smell him. Smell him and tell me what you think.”
Trin stood on trembling legs, moved her nose close to Aidan and breathed in deeply. “He smells like sawdust.”
Aidan gave me an irritating ‘I-told-you-so’ look.
“Smell again,” I ordered.
Then leaned close and she breathed deep. “Apples.”
“I didn’t eat any,” he said.
“You’re standing in a puddle of applesauce,” I muttered, pushing him out of the puddle of Trinity’s mutilated apple victim.
“Trin, I have one question for you,” Aidan asked. “Do you think you could run at super speeds if I climb on your back? Because, I’m totally cool with your drinking my blood as long as you’re superhero strong. Also, sub-question. Have you ever considered using your vampire skills for the good of mankind? Because I will so be your loyal, hilarious sidekick.”
“Um, come over here.”
Aidan moved closer to Trin, and she wrapped her arms around his waist and lifted. He came about two inches off the floor and she was already panting.
Aidan shook his head. “You know what. Were you wearing that stupid Hello Kitty sweatshirt with the glitter on it?”
She cut him an angry look. “It’s funny and ironic. And super warm.”
“It’s also covered in glitter.” His eyes went wide. “Last night there was a marathon of Scooby Doo movies on. Admit it, you stayed up all night watching, didn’t you?”
“And you tweezed your own eyebrows, didn’t you? You cannot do that! It makes you look too pale!” I shook my head and sighed
“I’m sorry,” she said to me, then turned to Aidan. “Maybe.” Trin looked thoughtful. “So I’m just overtired and covered in Hello Kitty glitter with poorly plucked eyebrows?” She pulled a cinnamon bun from the bag and popped it in her mouth. “I was so sure I was a vampire.”
“It can get confusing,” I told her, patting her shoulder. “Next time remember: kicking an apple around, obsessive smelling of a hot person you obsess over, and super-strength, enough that you could carry Aidan on your back.”
“Okay.” Trinity smiled and chewed with relief. “I’m relieved now. I had this really weird feeling. Like I got stuck in the wrong book for a morning or something.”

Thank you so much Liz for this wonderfully funny April Fool’s Post! I loved it! =)

Blurb: At seventeen, Trinity McCabe has already made enough mistakes to fill a lifetime. Especially the one where she got high, drove a car, and almost killed a dog. And then let her friend Aidan take the blame.

She’s clean now and desperate to fix the messes she’s made, but first she’s going to have to get out of her pajamas.

As Trinity struggles to stop sleepwalking through life, she faces the painful, tingling sensation of waking up. It’s sometimes embarrassing (she really didn’t want to have lunch with Aidan’s mom), sometimes terrifying (group therapy is beyond intimidating), and sometimes, amazingly enough, pretty romantic (who’d have though Aidan would be such a great kisser?)

Trin is lucky, though—luckier than she deserves, she’s sure—and she doesn’t travel this road alone. Her family, her therapist, and her new friends are all pulling for her. And it turns out, some of them have made pretty big mistakes, too.

But before she can embrace her new life completely, Trinity has to be forgiven by the one person who is holding out the hardest: herself. It’s not easy changing everything, especially when you don’t think you deserve a second chance. Trinity might make an even bigger mess of things before she figures that out.

When the smoke clears on her latest disaster, will anyone still be standing there?

This book is recommended for older/mature YA readers.

About the Author:
I’ve been interested in writing since I rewrote the ending of *Romeo and Juliet* and killed them all off…every last one! My teacher loved it, and my inner writer came out kicking and screaming.

My writing passion is YA, the more verbal sparring, melodrama, and steaminess the better! In my real life I love my gorgeous daughter who makes me laugh and drives me insane, my awesome husband (who is the inspiration for many of my best bad boys…shh!), all the rest of my crazy family, plus travel, great books, good food someone else cooked, movies, and laughing.

Write me if you want! I’m at I’d love to hear from you and am open to any questions/comments/hilarious Youtube video links. Oh, and check out my blog; Sometimes it’s very funny! (Sometimes I’m the only one laughing.)

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