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BookBlast Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer: Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig & #Win a $50 #Amazon Gift Card! #Giveaway

Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig

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What’s in your water? ZeroWater Review & #Giveaway!! #Water 2 Winners!

I am not a big fan of drinking tap water. I usually buy bottled water and lug it home to drink. I know it’s not cost efficient or earth friendly but I do it. I have a favorite brand I love to drink and that’s what I usually get. But, I am sick of carrying, buying and wasting time and energy and money on bottled water. That’s why I jumped at a chance to try the ZeroWater pitcher. I figured this would be a great for my family especially now that soccer season is upon us.

ZeroWater produces the only filtered water that meets the FDA definition for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in purified water. So you get purified-quality water without the plastic bottles or spending a lot of money. Which is a big plus for us. I rather use a reusable bottle and refill then waste all that plastic and money on bottled water. What’s neat about ZeroWater is when you purchase it, it comes with a TDS meter so you can test your own water. They even have a guideline for you to see what’s in your water at home!

We tried the TDS meter on our water at home and got a reading of 112 which is better then our area’s score but still yucky if you ask me. The water that I lug and drink had a score of 23 still not the best but better then our tap. So, we filled up the reservoir and waited for it to filter and got our reading of 0! I love that reading and know that we are not getting anything extra in our water. It does take a little time for the filter to filter out the water but well worth it if you ask me. I rather wait a few minutes then have anything in our water. And it tastes great!

I had no problems adding this pitcher to my fridge. It’s easy to use and fits in just fine. If I don’t want to take it out as it’s filtering I can use the convenient spout on the handle to pour a glass. This is especially convenient with my 7 year old, who drops just about everything. It’s easy for her to get herself a glass of water when ever she needs it. As for me, I like the efficiency of this. I don’t have to lug big bottles from the store and I can reuse my reusable sports bottles for water on the go and have great water all the time.

***ZeroWater is having a mega coupon for you to try their water filtration system. They are giving you 30% off a 10 Cup ZeroWater pitcher by using code MC30! The 10-Cup Pitcher includes 1 filter and 1 TDS Meter and sells for $34.99.

Want to find out more about ZeroWater? Find them at their website – www.zerowater.com and on Facebook


ZeroWater is giving TWO lucky US readers a chance to try their awesome water filtration system!
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