March Link for the #Horror / #Thriller Reading Challenge!! #HTRC

Hello March!!! I hope you had a super time reading in February. This month I hope to have more reviews up. Last month I was only able to get two there. I will try for four this month. I hope you enjoying all those horror/thriller books.

I will link up the page each month to the main challenge post so it’s easy for you to just go there and click on that month to put your review in. I will not link up a linky till the first of each month. It will also close on the last day. I will save all the entries from the linky’s for the drawing in December! Good Luck and Happy Reading!!

Reminder: The more reviews you do, the more entires into the giveaway you will get.
Thanks for taking part in the Challenge!

If you need the Challenge Link that is HERE
For the Goodreads Group go HERE

Please Link Your March Reviews Here:

Winner of March’s Giveaway is The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet by William Miekle from (CSI: Librarian)
Congratulations April!!

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  1. Oh, boy. March still in the middle of reading my challenge book. :D

    • I haven’t posted any..I have read a few but just haven’t gotten to the reviews yet….I think I have spring break fever…=)

  2. Oh my goodness! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog with book reviews to get me to read more often. and here’s yet another reason to do so. I’ve been on a horror / thriller kick lately – I can’t get enough. I just started “Deadly Destination” by Cat Denison and I love it so far – hopefully I’ll have a blog set up once I finish it to write a review!

    • I hope you join in! Stop over and link it on the main challenge page so I can stop by your new blog if you do make one. If not you can still participate in this challenge just by posting your reviews on goodreads, amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.

  3. Not that it matters greatly, but I spelled something wrong. I don’t know how to edit my review, but I meant to write The Twins of Noremway Parish, not The Twins of Noemway Parish.

    • It doesn’t but I will change it for you. You can’t change it I have to go in the back end of linky and do it. No issues and easily fixed.