Things that irritate me…

OK, I know no one is perfect. We are all human and all that happy stuff. But there are just some things I want to slap people for. I must admit sometimes I do have a bad temper. I do get moody. I also have my no brain function moments. But the more I see this, the more it irks me. For me it’s just too stupid for words….Well, I just want to slap them.

I am a big junkie of Good Reads. I probably visit Good Reads more then my blog. I know it’s sad. Well, here’s the thing. I like growing my followers on there. So, often if I visit a new book blog I will look to see if they are on Good Reads. It’s a great place for authors, bloggers, and readers and there are lots of communities and most of all its fun.

OK sooooo here’s my IRK:

I friend requested (as I often do) another book blogger and some people will ask a question like what book are you reading or what is your favorite book to become their friend. I have no problems with that. I answer my question and move on. Well, this one asked “Why do you want to be my friend”. Now my immediate response is to say a few choice words. But what I end up saying is “Why Not? You’re a blogger; I’m a blogger lets connect.”

Why do they ask this? If you’re looking for followers to read your reviews and visit your blog why do you ask? You should be saying thank you! Is it me?????
Please tell me if it is…

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2011 Reading Challenge
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  1. It may be to discourage those authors who will add you just to market and solicit their books or just to keep their friends list to only those they will be interacting with. I’ve often wondered the same thing though. Most times I will simply cancel the request when that question pops up because I don’t know that I want to “be their friend” I was simply interested in sharing book reviews and possibly compare and discuss our opinions on those books. I definitely get what you are saying.

    • I have started canceling if they ask that. I can see the question “What are you reading?” or “What’s your favorite book?” for those authors or people that do that. I would think they would want some friends. Often I friend people then go to their blog.

      I am glad to have your opinion and I am super happy it’s not just me.


  2. I have no problem with that question. I will look at friend request and if we don’t have at lest 10 books in comment I will ignore the request. I’m not trying to see how many “friends” I can get, I want people that have the save book taste as me so that I can get more book recommendation.

    • Yes, I agree! I usually don’t connect unless we have books in common. Usually I find them by looking at their reviews on Good Reads. Then I try to connect. It’s so weird.

      Thanks for commenting!
      I am still glad I am not the only one!


  3. I always feel like I’m under suspicion when I see that pop up too. Honestly, I don’t want to steal your fine china!! Just wana book-connect! I like Donna @ Happy Booker’s answer! Those reasons make sense. Cancel and move on works for me.

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only person stranged out by it!!

    • OMG LOL. Yes, you do feel like you did something wrong. When all you tired to do was connect. I just like looking at reviews especially if I am interested in the book.

      Thanks for stopping in Linda and for the great laugh!
      I appreciate it.


  4. I agree I think it is just an added question to deny those who cannot think of a thing to say. lol
    But I will friend you on goodreads!

  5. I have that question up and here’s why- I noticed after I started blogging that I was seeing a huge increase in friend requests. At first, I accepted most of them. But then after a while I’d notice how cluttered my Goodreads was with people who have no interest in interacting with me, don’t read the same books as I do, or just want to market their book or blog.

    So yes, I use it as a filter. It’s MEANT to be that way. If people want to follow my reviews or my blog- that’s great! But I don’t see a Goodreads friendship as that, because to me it’s more than that.

    If someone just says “we have similar taste in books” or “I like your reviews” or anything else- then great! I’m happy to be friends with them on Goodreads. But I have no interest in “collecting” friends on Goodreads, and I now have the task of pruning my list.

    It’s my account, and my preference. If you don’t like the question, then so be it. There are other ways to connect with me or follow my reviews besides being a Goodreads friend.

  6. Brenna,

    I did not mean to offend you. That was not the meaning of my post. I guess I just didn’t get it. I haven’t been spammed by anyone, ever on Good Reads. I find it wonderful to connect on there and talk about books there. I do understand why you put up a filter if people were doing that.


  7. Denise Z says:

    I am a nobody lurker. I also spend a lot of time at goodreads and on blogs and FB. I always feel honored if someone wants to friend me and will automatically say yes. I get a little embarrassed when asked why I want to friend someone and they want to know why ;) What should I say? Your raffelcopter told me to LOL or never mind. I enjoy interacting with book folks and love to share my joy of reading and love of good books, but there is a line. Thank you for letting me speak my mind :)

  8. Kali Skittles says:

    Lmao. I’m obsessed with GR too and I hate when people will be hosting a giveaway and have an entry as “Add me on GR” and then they have a question, “why do you want to be my friend?” Well…A) it’s an entry to your giveaway B) I’m addicted to goodreads and I like making more friends on it to gush books with C) Why are you trying to filter friends, do some people spam you?

    It bothers me too, I don’t mind all friend questions, but that one bothers me too. Isn’t that the whole point of goodreads is to discuss books and make bookish friends? So that right there should be the answer to the question.