Scarlet Tear by BJ McCall

Description from Back Cover:

Captain Wytt Sann is given the mission of a lifetime. Impersonating the notorious pirate Kirxx, Wytt must participate in a zap tournament sponsored by the pirate king. Wytt’s objective is to play the bloody game, beat the competition and win the prizes—a beautiful Glacidian woman and the coveted scarlet tear gem. Ceyla is offered as a prize in a tournament and embroiled in the pirate king’s vengeful scheme to steal back the gem. Refusing to spend the rest of her life as a prize, Ceyla plots her escape. Ceyla is drawn to the handsome pirate who fights like a warrior and fires her Glacidian blood. Seducing Kirxx is the key to winning her freedom, but will she lose it all in the process? His true identity could tear this lusty couple apart.

My Opinion:

I really liked this one. I felt it had all of the right elements to it. This is the first book by BJ McCall that I have read and I’m glad I did. Wytt is a captain and is sent on a mission to save Ceyla and the Scarlet Tear that has fallen into the wrong hands. He has to impersonate another person in order to do this. He is sent to another solar system to fight in a tournament called Zap where the competitors get pitted against several opponents until there is only one left standing. Ceyla is the prize that Wytt wants but he has conflicting feelings because he’s on a mission and knows he has to complete that mission, Ceyla, should be his first priority. When he wins and finally gets away with Ceyla their romance blossoms and they find that they are meant for each other. I liked how they blended in together. There was a nice mixture of adventure and romance, both of which drew me to the book. This was a short story, only about 120 pages, so it’s a quick and fun summer read. I am glad I won a copy and will look into more books by BJ McCall.

I give Scarlet Tearby BJ McCall a 4 of 5 stars.

Disclaimer ~ I won this book from a giveaway. I was not compensated. I read this book on my own. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing my book. I’m so pleased you liked it.