How She Won the Biggest Sweepstakes Prizes offer by Malaysia Online Casino

All of us believe that winning online sweepstakes is actually dependent on luck but some contestants are saying that that is not entirely true and winning it is based on science! If you browse the internet often, then you are very likely to come across a kind of contest or sweepstakes which offers you a chance to win a big prize. For example – Click on this link to win a free trip to Greece!!……. Enjoy 2020 with a brand new BMW!… a selfie and share with #hashtag to win a year’s supply of shaving cream! But almost all of us try to ignore them and carry on with our daily activities as we believe that these can be some scam or other spam link which can harm our bank accounts or our devices through which we are browsing by a malware or spyware attack. But many online casinos in Malaysia offer this service occasionally which are completely genuine.

The odds o winning the genuine contests are very minimal and seem to be very much hectic but a group of women who are actively online throughout the day has claimed to have figured out a way of winning these sweepstakes easily. These women have been consistently landing hundred of prizes every year including cars, holiday packages, event tickets, gadgets, and even cash prizes. They have sometimes even hauled over tens of thousands of dollars. So let us today discuss these groups of people, how they do it, and how much genuine are these contests. A study has reported that more than 60 million people participate and try their luck in some kind of sweepstakes in the entire world. There are several kinds of sweepstakes entering available like call-ins, text messages, mail-ins, and others. The majority of the modern-day contests take place on the internet where participants can take part via social media, hashtags, and other digital forms. We had a chat with a professional ‘sweeper’ named Lana, she was remembering her early days of winning the stakes during the 1990s when she was in her 20s She was unemployed and was a big sports buff who did not have the money to afford tickets to the big annual sports events. At that time she started her first major win by opting for an offline sweepstake. While browsing through a magazine, she suddenly got hold of a mail-in ticket giveaway. She collected a lot of sports photographs and tuck them on the backside of that postcard to make it look exciting and her strategy was to send out as much as possible. Finally she won and this made her addicted and kept yearning for more. She said that after her first major haul it felt like she was winning every contest that she was entering. From winning a signed guitar by the backstreet boys, to backstage passes, football jerseys, bottles of beer she won a lot of things by just entering these contests! Today Lana is counted as one of the top sweepers and she has converted her hobby into a full-time job. She has also tried her luck and knowledge with Online Casino Malaysia. Every year on average she enters around 300 online contests per month which are like 10 hours worth of wins around £1k in prizes. Lana uses a very simple strategy which is that she primarily enters “qualitative” online contests allowing her to stand out from the crowd in some way and involves tweets or photo tags on Instagram. She says that people who are running these contests are not picking the winner at random, they instead go for the person who is putting the most effort than anyone else. By following this strategy she won a trip to Ibiza by tweeting a photo of herself standing on a chilly winter night in Malaysia.

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Now another professional ‘sweeper’ Caroline uses another strategy for winning big sweeps.

She creates a new email account to be used specifically for sweepstakes.

She uses sweepstake resources listing thousands of legitimate promotions in one location for finding out form-based competitions.

She uses software to auto-fill hundreds of entry forms with her information.

And by following this easy method in just an hour with a few clicks, Caroline can participate in more than 200 sweepstakes. She prioritizes her goal which is to enter as many contests as humanly possible and reduce the amount of time that is required to do it. She believes that this has nothing to do with luck and it all depends on effort and persistence.

How to win sweepstakes by Online Casino Malaysia?

We asked Caroline and Lana to write down some points which can determine and help you win big in a sweepstake. So according to them, you don’t need luck, you just need to follow a set of simple rules which will dramatically help you to win more –

1. Choose the toughest contests as they are much easier to win.

2. Try out local contests mainly.

3. Always focus on reading terms and conditions.

4. Set up a dedicated email address for yourself and use it only for Online Casinos.

5. Take the help of sweepstakes aggregates to determine opportunities.

6. Keep yourself organized.

Keep working hard, use your brain wisely, participate in genuine contests and you will be able to win easily